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Rene Nezhoda Net Worth, Daughter, Biography

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Image of Rene Nezhoda with his wife, Casey Nezhoda

German-American Rene Nezhoda is a reality TV personality and businessman who achieved popularity after appearing in the fourth season of the reality television program “Storage Wars”. Continue reading this to know storage wars star Rene Nezhoda’s net worth and biography.

Nezhoda had a successful company before taking part in this blockbuster A&E reality television show.

He became an expert in the field because of his love and understanding of used goods.

His early success in purchasing and selling antiques was so impressive that he frequently described his brain as an “encyclopedia” of second-hand goods.

Early Life and Family

Rene Nezhoda was born on 5th April 1977 to his father Gunter Nezhoda who was a lesser-known actor.

Despite his father not being a proficient actor, his acting talents were passed down to his child.

Rene grew up in San Diego, United States in 1990, before which the Nezhoda family resided in Frankfurt, Germany.

He finished high from Las Vegas High school. Despite Nezhoda’s preference to claim American citizenship, his strong German dialect makes him sound German.

At the age of 11 years old, Rene Nezhoda began purchasing and selling antiques. His memory contains a database of used-car pricing.

Nezhoda has spent practically his whole life working in the thrift shop industry, giving him an extensive understanding of the worth of used goods. He even wrote the pricing reference for Limited Edition Casino Chips.

Image of Rene Nezhoda with his wife, Casey Nezhoda, and their daughter

Rene Nezhoda with his wife, Casey Nezhoda, and their daughter

Talking about Nezhoda’s love life, Rene is married to his beloved wife, Casey Nezhoda. The Nezhoda couple appeared in the A&E’s hit series “Storage Wars” together.

They regularly attend church and are quite devout. They frequently bring their daughter with them to church. Both of them are outspoken regarding their religious convictions.

He owns a sizable 7000-square-foot Bargain Hunter Thrift Store in San Diego, California, which has an impressive collection of antiques and treasures. Additionally, he has an online site where customers may buy his goods from any part of the globe.

Rene on Storage Wars

Although Nezhoda’s company was very successful, very few folks were aware of him before he and his spouse Casey Nezhoda participated in the reality program. From the fifth season on, they became regulars after making an appearance as purchasers for six episodes in the fourth season.

When the co-stars are trying to assess the worth of goods they have discovered, Nezhoda often makes an appearance in the second part of each show.

It’s worth noting that Rene Nezhoda was approached to join the Storage War cast starting in the very first season. He was only able to appear in the fourth season, unfortunately, owing to scheduling constraints.

With Brandi Passante and Dan Dotson, he displayed incredible comedy chops and on-screen dynamics, which led to a regular part and, by the next season, a permanent position on the program.

A seasoned buyer who won’t back down for anybody, he has a large budget and a profound understanding of secondhand markets.

His spouse Casey Nezhoda frequently joins him on the program and appears with him. On Storage Wars, the two would compete with other major purchasers to uncover excellent money-making bargains.

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