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Is Casey Nezhoda Married? Wikipedia, age, Measurement

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Image of Casey Nezhoda with his wife, Rene Nezhoda

Casey Nezhoda rose to fame as a reality TV personality on the popular A&E show Storage Wars, in which she and her hubby charms fans with their kind demeanor and smart corporate judgment. Off-screen, Casey is most recognized for being Rene Nezhoda’s dependable companion.

Rene is a seasoned German purchaser who has become regarded as an “encyclopedia of second-hand stuff.” Is Casey Nezhoda Married? read this to know.

Casey’s Age

Nezhoda was born on September 6th, 1974, and is 48 years of age today.

Height and Measurement

She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs approx. 147 lbs. There isn’t much data available on Casey’s parents, siblings, family history, or schooling other than her birthday. Nevertheless, she is a single child who was raised in a Christian household.

Net Worth

The nearest indication Casey has given the public about her academic endeavors—and the name of her high school—is that she was a cheerleader and an active student there. Today, she has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Is Casey Nezhoda still Married to Rene Nezhoda?

Casey Nezhoda is happily married to her husband, Rene Nezhoda, and have been together for more than 20 years. Rene is Casey’s business associate in addition to her romantic other and sweetheart.

The San Diego-based pair operates Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, a large and prosperous secondhand store.

The Nezhoda couple is blessed with a daughter together, Tatiana Nezhoda who is expected to carry on the family thrift store company in the upcoming by displaying their strong entrepreneurial traits.

Image of Casey Nezhoda with his wife, Rene Nezhoda

Casey Nezhoda with his wife, Rene Nezhoda

Rene Nezhoda is renowned for his distinctive German dialect and skill at haggling.

Casey’s spouse is an experienced purchaser with considerable experience in secondhand auctions, who has worked in the thrift industry for a lengthy period.

Although Rene reportedly has more expertise with thrift shops and auctions, Casey has been a really helpful spouse both professionally and at the house. Combined, the two are a power to be confronted with.

As a performer and co-star on the reality television program Storage Wars, Casey Nezhoda was thrust into the spotlight.

Nezhoda is reported to have worked as a babysitter before beginning her debut as a reality TV personality.

When Storage Wars producers gave Casey and her spouse a position on the program, they had a significant turning point in their thrift store business.

The couple had intended to be a member of the show’s cast, but unforeseen events prevented them from participating at the originally anticipated time, thus they declined the invitation.

The program’s creators, though, continued to encourage the couple because they saw value in them.

They ultimately started appearing on the program in 2013 as recurrent guests, however, after putting up a strong appearance in the fourth season, the pair was promoted to featured buyers and made the main cast.

Ever since Casey and Rene have been one of the series’s audience favorites because of their amicable personalities.

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