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Wynton Harvey Age, Net Worth, Biography of Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey’s Son

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Image of Wynton Harvey with his family

Born on 18th July 1997, the 25-year-old Wynton Harvey is famous for his aesthetic and philanthropist persona. With a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimeters), he is a well-known social media star and a model with 92.9k followers on Instagram, and a renowned photographer.

He is an advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement, given he participated in at least one peaceful rally and he is a Muslim adherent.

The young Harvey is the only biological son of the well-known American comedian and actor, Steve Harvey and the make-up artist, Mary Lee Harvey (Mary Shackelford).

He is a sibling to six celebrity stars, Karli, Brandi, Broderick, Morgan, Lori, and Jason.

Wayton Harvey’s Net Worth

As of October 2022, Wynton’s projected net worth is $1.5 million. He is estimated to earn about $65,000 yearly from his profession as a photographer.

Wynton is a Photographer

Image of one of Wynton Harvey's photography shots

One of Wynton Harvey’s photography shots

The young Harvey discovered his passion for photography at the very young age of 11.

Embarking his journey on photography as a measly hobby, Wynton graduated in arts from Georgia’s Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, and pursued his career as a professional photographer.

The Atlanta-based artist maintains a studio where he captures portraits, landscapes, and photographs of everyday objects.

While he gives key emphasis to fine arts photography, Harvey’s diversity in photography is evident throughout every work of his.

All of Harvey’s work demonstrates an aesthetic yet luxuriously appealing ambiance.

He draws inspiration from minimalist design, Victorian-era art, and African cultures and thrives to show the world not only what he sees but also how he sees it.

Harvey aspires to trigger a sensation, or notion or just seize his audience’s attention via his careful and exquisite visual stimulation. Steve Harvey’s son Wayton endeavors to broaden his world and that of the audience side by side.

Harvey simply seeks to show how he sees the world through his eyes through his flawless photographs.

“Steve Harvey’s son Wynton Harvey’s list of things he won’t do” Steve Harvey and his son Wynton Harvey genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

The father-son duo may be seen in several videos of Steve’s show and we can witness how close they are.

In one of those, we can catch a glimpse of a deep father and son moment where they talk about the list of things Wynton won’t do. Although Steve made his son write a ton on the list, Wynton mentioned a few in the video:

  1. No stealing
  2. No drinking and driving
  3. Staying out of crimes (No crimes that’s the goal)
  4. Don’t get a girl pregnant (only probably when he’s 30)
  5. Not going to jail

While Steve claimed he’d turn Wynton’s room into a cigar lounge after he had moved out, Wynton knows his dad’s going to miss him.

Wynton’s Surprise Gift for Steve on Father’s day

Image of Wynton Harvey with his father, Steve Harvey

Harvey’s father-son duo were at it again on the “Steve’s show” on Father’s day. Wynton’s appearance on the show itself was a surprise to his dad on that day.

The young Harvey handed a beautiful pair of Tom Ford shoes as a Father’s day gift to his dad, although the tabs were on his dad’s account to Steve’s surprise.

The more meaningful gift, however, was a lovely framed picture of the two together with the words engraved as “Me and you ‘till the wheels fall off”.

Wynton thanked his dad for how he was always there for him and helping him to keep going all these years.

He planned on hanging the picture in his dorm room. Both of them became emotional with teary eyes at the end of their love for each other.

Wynton Harvey Received his car training from his father

Image of Wynton Harvey with his sister and father, Steve Harvey in a car

Wynton Harvey with his sister and father, Steve Harvey in a car

The famous comedian and all-round entertainer gave his son, Wynton, and daughter, Lori fun car training.

Long story short, Steve gave some very fundamental car-driving points to his kids, which we all can pick from.

  1. First thing first, put on your seat belt.
  2. Hands-on the wheel where? – 10 and 2. (Helps you handle the vehicle)
  3. The most important thing in driving – the BREAK, the BREAK, the BREAK.
  4. Key to parking- the BREAK again.

The father Harvey also reminded the kids that if they text and drive, they lose driving for up to 3 years.

However, he added an additional Harvey punishment, which was “one year of solitary confinement chained up in the basement, next to the washing machine.”

Steve Reveals Wynton Harvey is following his father’s steps

Steve often mentions his youngest, Wynton in his talks. On his show, Harvey’s dad revealed how Wynton followed his father’s steps.

He disclosed how his youngest wanted to hang out with his sister, Lori, and her friends and how he was literally “ewed” by Lori’s friends those days.

He assured Wynton that all would change in time. Now, Wynton was 6’1 and a fashionista. How the tables turned, Lori’s friends now asked how Wynton was doing.

Steve then said,” Them boys that you’ve been looking at, they were nothing. Start having their swag, they look good. Wynton just takes after his dad.

Wynton’s College Gadget

On “Just one more thing” – the College edition of Steve’s show, the college-bound Harvey’s join their dad to try out some college gadgets.

They showcased two fun gadgets; Rollie and Hankie Pocketbook.

Lori demonstrated making an egg with Rollie, which could make cooking eggs in the dorm quick and easy, and also promised to cook pizza rolls and burritos.

Wynton exhibited the Hankie Pocketbook “to suit your suit”, which was a notepad that looked like a pocket square.


Steve Harvey had a huge influence on Wynton’s charisma. He picked up a great deal from his famous, powerful, and humorous dad.

Wynton Harvey is a loved child of Steve, as his father never fails to show his love and support towards his kids. Steve has always shown himself as a wonderful parent and has a great relationship with Wynton.

Despite the messy divorce between his father and his biological mother in his younger days, Steve has grown into a fine man and also never fails to show his love, respect, and gratitude to his father.

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