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Did Willie from Swamp People Die? Fact vs. Rumor

Image of Willie Edwards

William’ Willie’ Edward is a legendary alligator hunter from the swamps of Louisiana who has captured the hearts of millions of viewers during his time on the History Network’s hit show, “Swamp People.” Born and raised in a family of hunters, Willie learned the art of alligator hunting from his father at a young age and is now passing on his learnings to his sons. There have been rumors about Willie from Swamp People’s death; continue to read the fact.

Willie served “Swamp People” for over a decade, i.e., from Season 1 to Season 13. And his parents, Junior Edwards (father), Theresa Edwards (mother), and brother Randy Edwards accompanied him until Season 6.

Now, as Willie did not appear in the latest Season 14 of the series, the fans are curious why. And amid that, a rumor about the alligator hunter’s death has shaken his fans.

Is Willie Edwards From Swamp People Dead? Facts Explored

No, Willie is not dead. But he almost was. Almost a decade back, the gator hunter was bitten by a massive alligator while on a hunting adventure with his father, Junior Edwards.

During the expedition, his father shot at a 6-foot alligator that was resting on a log in the swamp, hitting its nose.

Now as the alligator’s mouth was still open when Willie pulled it to their boat, he made sure to grab its top jaw, but unfortunately, the alligator’s mouth was shut with Willie’s hand bitten inside.

Image of Willie Edwards

As per the source, Edwards could only take his hand out after his father and the other two men opened the gator’s jaw. “He almost took my fingers off,” said Willie in pain after getting his hand back.

Though he encountered indescribable pain, Willie was fortunate that the alligator was already dead and could not cause him any further harm. Now while there have been many rumors about Willie’s death, the fact is it was actually his brother, Randy Edwards, who died.

Randy Edwards was also one of the casts of “Swamp People,” and he was often seen hunting gators with his brother Willie and father, Junior, until Season 6. So, Willie’s brother Randy died at the age of 35 in a vehicle accident in 2018. His family confirmed the news on social media.

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