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Wenwen Han 2022 What is Karate Kid Actress Doing now

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Image of Wenwen Han

Wenwen Han is a Chinese actress who initially started her career as a dancer and violinist. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Wenwen got worldwide recognition after playing the role of Meiying in the Hollywood action movie The Karate Kid.

While her co-star, Jaden Smith, has done several Big Hollywood movies, including the 2013 sci-fi movie After Earth, alongside his father, Will smith.

Wenwen has pretty much gone out of the limelight. Read this to know what the Karate Kid star is doing now.

Wenwen Han On Karate Kid

Image of Wenwen Han as a young Karate Kid actress

Wenwen Han as a young Karate Kid actress

Wenwen Han is an actress, violinist, and dancer well-known for her role in the 2010 movie The Karate Kid.

The Chinese star played the role of Meiying. The remake of the original 1984 film featured Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Zhenwei Wang, and others.

On The Karata Kid, Wenwen is Dre Parker’s love interest. The two meet each other after Dre & his mother move into their apartment in China.

One day, Dre encourages her to skip school and violin practice. Though she had lots of fun, she nearly misses her performance as it gets rescheduled.

Due to it, Meiying’s father sees Dre as a bad influence and instructs him not to contact her.

The protagonist writes an apology letter translated by Mr. Han and gives it to her father.

Finally, Meiying’s father forgives both of them, allowing her to keep her promise to Dre. Towards the end, she cheers loudly for him at the Kung Fu tournament.

Other Movies And TV Shows

Aside from The Karate Kid (2010), Wenwen Han has starred in a few titles.

The most recent one is the 2020 TV series Hai mei ai gouBesides that, IMDB shows her only other appearances in showbiz are Ink & Rain (2018) and Zhong Guo Xiong di lian (2007).

The Chinese actress also appeared in Justin Bieber’s music video of the song, Never Say Never feat. Jaden Smith.

Apart from these, there isn’t much about other filmography roles of the 27-year-old actress (born on 24 August 1995).

In contrast to that, Han’s co-star has been part of several movies and TV shows, including After Earth (2013)Skate Kitchen (2018)

Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020), The Get Down (2016-2017), and Entergalactic (2022).

What Is Wenwen Han From Karate Kid Doing Now?

Image of Wenwen Han

Wenwen Han is a known Chinese actress, dancer, and a violin player. She is remembered as Meiying on Karate Kid

Wenwen Han is probably pursuing her acting career. Her latest appearance came in 2020.

Apart from that, there hasn’t been any news regarding her. Nonetheless, she hasn’t been able to escape being a topic of discussion.

There was a false rumor about her marriage with Ken Chu, a Taiwanese musician, actor, and member of F4 (a Mandopop vocal quartet boy band).

She keeps her personal life away from media attention. Moreover, she hasn’t posted anything since 2015 on Facebook and Twitter, the last being a picture of her childhood.

While she has been out of the limelight, her co-star Jaden has transitioned more or less towards music.

Likewise, Zhenwei Wang (Cheng) is a constant feature in the Chinese showbiz industry. His latest work is Snafu (2022).

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