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Home » Is Swamp People Cast Chase Landry Married to Pickle? 

Is Swamp People Cast Chase Landry Married to Pickle? 

Image of Chase Landry with his wife Chelsea Kinsey

Celebrities’ dating life is always a matter of great concern for their fans. The same goes with the love life of Swamp People cast Chase Landry. If you landed on this article, you might already know who Chase is.

However, if you don’t know, he is an outstanding alligator hunter who is featured on the History Network’s TV series Swamp People. Having appeared in the popular series since 2012, Chase has garnered an enormous fan base, and the credit for his fame goes to his sharpshooting and hunting skills. Also, his attractive looks are to be noticed.

The 34-year-old gator hunter who passed down the hunting skills from his forefathers grew up in Louisiana and was exposed to the TV series Swamp People. In the meantime, he is rumored to have dated a fellow Swamp People co-star, Cheyenne Pickle Wheat. So what is this about? Is he married to Pickle?

Let us talk briefly about their alleged relationship.

Swamp People Cast Chase Landry was Married to Chelsea Kinsey!

Before you know about his relationship status, you should take advantage of the past of his love life. Hunting Expertise Troy Landry’s son, Chase, was married to a woman named Chelsea Kinsey.

There are no facts and figures about when their relationship began or when did they tie their wedding knots, but the two were married for a long time. Chase and Chelsea also welcomed their only daughter, Blake Landry, on March 18, 2017. However, they went their ways after they gave birth to their child.

Image of Chase Landry with his wife Chelsea Kinsey

When fans were curious about the cause of separation, the two preferred to stay low-key about it soon after separating from his wife, the alligator hunter was seen quite often with his co-star Pickle, making fans assume about their relationship.

Is Chase Married to Pickle Wheat? Relationship Updates

The rumors of Chase and Pickle’s relationship surfaced on the internet when Chase’s father, Troy, announced that he would be a grandfather. That is when viewers assumed that the two were expecting a child. But the media circulated that Chase was married to Kinsey, and it was them who the baby had.

However, fans saw the plot twist in Chase’s love life when the news of their separation broke out soon after the baby’s arrival. After this, fans started linking Chase and Pickle as they were seen together. Moreover, the two share a similar interest in their career, which is hunting.

Pickle comes from a hunter’s family, as her great-grandfather, St. Bernard Parish, was one of the most excellent alligator hunters in the United States. Later, fans became sure of their relationship after Pickle updated her status on Facebook to “In a relationship with Chase Landry” in 2020.

However, three years down, they have reduced their posts on social media and are no longer seen together.  Pickle is seen with Chase’s father, Troy, and it looks like they get along well, but fans have a big question mark regarding her and Chase’s relationship.

Pickle Wheat has a baby with her partner Joshua Kippes

Moreover, Back in 2022, Pickle’s Instagram revealed that she was giving birth to a baby girl soon, and that too with another man. No, it’s not with Chase. Pickle welcomed a baby girl in May 2023 with her current partner Joshua. So, this is where the questions about Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry’s relationship end.

Image of Pickle Wheat

Quick Facts

Name Chase Landry
Age 34 years
Date of Birth 25th April 1985
Parents Troy Landry, Bernita Landry
Occupation Alligator Huntor, Entrepreneur, and TV Star
Relationship Status Divorced, Single
Ex-Wife Chelsea Kinsey
Children 1
Net Worth $200,000

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