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Richard Christy’s Wife, Kristin Christy, and Their Kids.

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Image of Richard Christy with his wife, Kristin Christy

Richard Christy is a versatile American personality who is most known for being the ex-drummer at the rock metal band, “Death.” He was attracted to rock music from a tender age, and with the support of his parents, he made a name for himself in the musical industry. Details about his wife Kristin Christy, their love life, and kids.

Currently, he performs at his self-formed band, Charred Walls of the Damned.

In addition to his musical career, Christy is also known for his work as a writer and director of independent films, as well as his role as a radio presenter on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Now, keep up with us to know more about the gifted drummer. Here we will discuss his bio, wife, and children.

‌Who is Richard Christy? Early Life and Career

Image of Richard Christy

Richard Christy is a drummer who was born to parents Tom Christy (father) and Pat Christy (mother) on 1st April 1979. He is 49 years at present.

His dad served in the Vietnam Army, and he grew up in a small town around Redfield, Kansas. At just 4, he was a die-hard fan of the rock bands “Kiss” and “Meat Loaf.” The drummer now remembers saving his pocket money to buy heavy rock music albums.

At just 10, his parents supported his interest and gifted him a drum pad and sticks, and little Richard would practice and improve his skills.

Soon, he enrolled in his school’s music band, playing snare drum and tympani and writing songs.

At just 15 yeras old, Christy formed his band called “Joke Band,” with his friends, and they even performed at some events.

In 1992 after completing high school, just when he was about to leave for college, he found that his favourite band, Public Assassin, was searching for a drummer. He auditioned and got in, so he decided to move forward rather than go to college.

After that, in 1996, he made a band called “Burning Inside” and went on a musical tour with other popular rock bands like Acheronn, Death, etc., until 2004.

In 2004, he took a musical break and dedicated some time to Radio. He was the radio presenter on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Richards’s talent does not end here; he is also the director and writer of independent movies.

In 2009 created a metal band, Charred Walls of the Damned.

Wife Kristin Christy? Their Love Life

Image of Richard and Kristin Christy

Richard and Kristin Christy

Richard and his wife, Kristin Jenco, have been married for the past 11 yeras.

Despite being a public figure, Richard likes to stay away from the limelight and has hence stayed lowkey on his love life. But though we do not know how the couple fell in love, we assume it was Richard who proposed to Kristin.

Their marriage ceremony was carried out on 30th July 2011, in New York in the presence of their loved ones and family.

In 2020, the Richard and wife Kristin Christy appeared together on The Howard Stern Show, where Kristin revealed that being married to Richard is like having to live with a child because he never cleans up after himself.

Apart from this, not much has been disclosed about the drummer’s wife.


Yes, the pair is blessed with a son, Carson Cain Christy. He is called Bubby with love.

The little guy was born in 2017 and is 5 yeras at present. The parents named their son Carson after Carson Wentz, a former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback player.

Similarly, as a football fan, Richard and Kristin once revealed that if they will have another son in the future, they would name him Patrick after Patrick Mahomes, a quarterback from Kansas City Chief.

Richard Christy Net Worth

Image of Richard Christy as a talented drummer

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mr Christy’s net worth is estimated to be $ 200,000.

The primary source of his income is acquired from his decades-long success as a drummer. He also earns additional income from going on various musical tours and collaborating with different bands.

Likewise, as he is also an occasional comedian, director, and writer, he receives a decent sum from the field.

Quick Facts


Thomas Richard Christy Jr.


49 years

Date of Birth

1st April 1974


Tom Christy and Pat Christy


Uniontown High Schoo


Drummer, Radio Personality

Relationship Status



Kristin ‘Jenco’Christy



Net Worth

$ 200,000

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