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What is the Net Worth of Dave Hester?

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Image of Dan Dotson with his wife, Laura Dotson

Born on 23rd July 1964, Hester is a professional auctioneer, storage unit buyer, businessman, and a reality television personality based in the United States and is 58 years old now. He is best known for his chief role in the American Reality TV show “Storage Wars.” Read this to know Dave Hester’s net worth.

Who is Dave Hester? (Career)

Image of Dan and Laura Dotson with their son

Dan and Laura Dotson with their son

Dave Hester is famous as the most controversial figure who played on the American Reality Television Series “Storage Wars,” where he was famed for his reputation as an auctioneer who isn’t hesitant to speak like he is, despite if it means upsetting a few people throughout the show.

He initiated his profession as an auctioneer and bid catcher in the early 1990s.

After being featured prominently on A&E’s iconic TV program, Dave Hester is currently in the auction business for over 33 years.

As of today, he is a professional auctioneer, storage unit buyer, and businessman.

Dave Hester on Storage Wars

Being the richest one among his other co-stars in “Storage Wars,” Dave Hester was given the alias, The Mogul. The show premiered on A&E in 2010 and had 12 seasons.

I highlighted a cast of professional auction hunters, involving Dave Hester, who had auction-hunting expertise of 25 years. He was quite known as a key cast member on the show for his sexist stance and bad conduct and was probably the most well-known — and, possibly, least favored — Storage Wars actors.

Why Was Dave Hester Fired? What Happened?

Hester quit the show during the 3rd season in 2012 when A&E dismissed him due to accusations brought towards the network. Hester, thus, filed a $750,000 lawsuit against the corporation, claiming improper dismissal and unjust commercial practices.

The litigation prolonged for three years, and Hester was obligated to pay $122,000 in legal expenses to A&E, but he and the network resolved for an unknown sum. Hester later reappeared to the series for the succeeding five seasons.

Dave Hester Auctions

Hester is a professional auctioneer who followed in his father’s footsteps. Father was also an occasional auctioneer. Even as a 5-year-old boy, Hester used to follow his dad to auctions, trade meetings, and garage sales.

At the age of 14, he began reselling equipment and materials he purchased at auction to military-base businesses in Orange County, California.

After operating as a bid catcher for a local auction house in the early 1990s, Dave then began purchasing items for them, making home visits to acquire one item or a maximum, and finally became a certified auctioneer in 1992.

Every year, he resold items worth millions of dollars. Dave Hester is now a successful and renowned auctioneer and is currently the owner of ‘Dave Hester Auctioneer.’

Income sources

Dave started his employment by working at a furniture exhibition. Afterward, he opened a thrift store, Rags to Riches Thrift Store, and another business store, Newport Consignment Gallery, in Costa Mesa, California, which were greatly successful.

Later on, he was given the opportunity to appear on a reality TV program called Storage Wars and is currently the owner of ‘Dave Hester Auctioneer.

He has earned $25000 per episode of ‘Storage Wars, and his alleged yearly income and salary are $0.5 Million+. Hester’s primary income source is the TV show but he also gains considerable of income from auctioning.

Net Worth of Dave Hester

Dave Hester is a successful auctioneer, storage unit buyer, and businessman. He is also famous for his role in the American hit TV series “ Storage Wars.” As of 2022, Dave is estimated to have a net worth of $7 million.

House and cars

Dave Hester is a wealthy and well-known American businessman who leads a pleasant and affluent life.

He possesses a number of real estate assets in the United States, including a handful in California. He started his career in California as well.

Hester also maintains an impressive automotive treasure trove, which encompasses some extremely costly and exceptional vehicles. Hester possesses numerous different pick-up vehicles, including Ford, Toyota, and others. Not bad for someone with $7 million net worth.

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