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Is Michael Carrick Married or Still Dating His Girlfriend, Lisa Roughead? Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia.

Image of Michael Carrick with his wife, Lisa Roughead-Carrick

Michael Carrick is a former professional football player who played for Manchester United Football Club for twelve years. Michael was born on July 28, 1981, in Wallsend, United Kingdom.

The midfielder of England’s national team retired from football in 2018 after sustaining severe ankle injuries. Michael Corrick now works as a football coach for the Middlesbrough Football Club.

The 41-year-old football coach resides in Prestbury, England, with his wife, Lisa Roughead-Carrick, and two children.

Who is Michael Carrick?

Image of Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick is an English football manager, currently working as a head coach at Middlesbrough Football Club. After his retirement as a professional football player, he worked as an assistant coach at his former football club Manchester United.

In 2021, Michael left the team as an assistant and was appointed the head coach at another football club, Middlesbrough. In 2015, The Telegraph named Michael Carrick as the number one player in the list of “Top 20 under-rated footballers of all time”.

One of the best defensive midfielders in the history of England, Michael Carrick’s game was built around his passing ability. Michael Carrick married his high school sweetheart, Lisa Roughead and the couple has two children together

Who is Michael Carrick’s wife, Lisa Roughead-Carrick?

Image of Michael Carrick and Lisa Roughead-Carrick

Michael Carrick and Roughead-Carrick

Lisa Roughead-Carrick is the wife of Michael Corrick, a former football player from Manchester United Football Club. She is a pilates instructor based in Prestbury.

Lisa graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Business Administration and became a certified pilates instructor. The 37-year-old health guru studied at Burnside Community High School, where she met her husband, Michael Corrick.

The couple started dating for over ten years and got married in 2007. Lisa Roughead Carrick owns her pilates studio and business. She is also a trustee of the Michael Carrick Foundation and manages the administrative business of the foundation.

Michael Carrick’s Wife and Wedding

Image of Michael Carrick with his wife, Lisa Roughead-Carrick

Michael Carrick with his wife, Lisa Roughead-Carrick

Michael Carrick got married to his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Roughead, on June 16, 2007, in  St.Peter Chruch, Wymondham, Leicestershire. The wedding was attended by the couple’s close family and relatives, along with footballers Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney.

The couple has a son Jacey and a daughter, Louise Carrick.

Michael Carrick Foundation

The Michael Carrick Foundation is a charitable organization that strives to be a positive space for disadvantaged children from Manchester and Tyne and Wear. The Foundation was founded by Michael Carrick and his wife, Lisa, in 2017.

Since its beginning, the foundation has provided opportunities to youngsters and helped marginalized children to reach their full potential. The foundation often organizes charitable and fundraising programs like Boot Room, 5k-a-day, Golf day, and Carrick’s Street Reds.

Lisa Carrick is heavily involved in the administrative business of the foundation and helps it to run smoothly.

Net Worth

Michael Carrick started his football career at the age of seventeen. The former football player played a total of twenty years and retired in 2018.

Michael Carrick has played for West Ham United Football Club for five years since the start of his career. The estimated net worth of Michael Carrick is $ 16 million.


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