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Does Mason Thames Have a Girlfriend? Parents, Age, Wikipedia, Bio.

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Image of Mason Thames with his father, Chad Thames

Mason Thames is an American actor who started his acting career at the age of eleven years. He was born on July 10, 2007, in Dallas, Texas.

Mason started his acting career in 2017 through a short film, “After Omelas”. The young actor currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his parents and siblings.

Mason Thames Wikipedia

Image of Mason Thames

Mason Thames is the youngest child of his father Chad Thames and his mother, Lisa.

Before his time as a professional actor, Mason had studied ballet along with his sister, Brooke Maddison.

Mason was selected as the youngest cast member in an international ballet company and performed with them for four years. Mason’s passion for performing arts led him to try out acting.

His parents supported his career change to acting when he made his debut in 2017 through a short film. The Thames family moved to California to secure a better future prospect for their children in 2018.

After a year of auditioning, in 2019, Mason Thames played the younger version of Danny Stevens, one of the major roles in the series “For All Mankind”. The series aired on November 1, 2019, on Apple TV+.

Mason’s portrayal of Danny Stevens further cemented his acting career. Since then, Mason has acted in three more projects “Walker(TV Series)”, “Evel” and “The Black Phone”.

His new movies “Boys of Summer” and “Incoming” is set to premiere in 2023. Mason lives in Los Angeles with his parents and sister.

Mason Thames Education

Actor Mason Thames is fifteen years old who rose to fame after he was cast as Finney, the main protagonist in the movie “The Black Phone”.

He is currently studying in his sophomore year of the local high school. Mason Thames is successfully balancing his acting career and his education.

How old is Mason Thames?

Mason Thames turned fifteen years old in June 2022. The actor always had a keen interest in performing arts.

When Mason was five years old, the actor was learning bike stunts and performing them. He then went on to learn ballet at the young age of nine years old and performed it professionally for four years.

Mason Thames began his acting profession at the age of eleven years old. His break-out role as Finney in the 2021’s movie “The Black Phone” strengthen his performing career. Mason Thames got nominated in the category of “Best Performance by a Younger Actor” at the 47th Saturn Awards.

Parents and Siblings

Mason Thames was born to his father, Chad Thames, and his mother Lisa in Dallas, Texas. Thames’ parents have fully supported him in his art and they often accompany him to his work.

His father manages all the funds for Mason’s work. His mother, Lisa has not yet made any appearances in the media. Mason’s sister Brooke Maddison Thames is a ballet dancer who studies at the Colbourn Dance Academy, in Los Angeles.

Brooke was recently seen with Mason at the Halloween party organized by Universal Pictures. The sister and brother were joined by other cast members of the horror movie “The Black Phone”. Mason is two years younger than his sister, Brooke.

Who is Mason Thames’s Girlfriend?

The fifteen years old Mason who has been professionally acting since the age of eleven has been in the spotlight throughout the years. He is currently single and has not been in any relationship yet. The actor’s name is not linked with any of his co-stars.

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