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Is Mary Miller still on Port Protection? Husband, Bio

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Mary Miller is a strong-headed lady who rose to the limelight from the Discovery Channel’s reality show Port Protection. She is renowned for her fishing style and unique personality. Mary Miller is still on port protection.

Miller is popular with the nickname “The City Girl.” The lady was one of the participants in the show who dedicated her life to surviving off the grid in an isolated community in Alaska.

In 2015, she joined the cast of Port Protection, accepting the challenge of living a struggling life away from the city area in the lack of technology. She was well-appreciated by the audience for her fearless nature.

Port Protection Cast Mary Miller Biography

Mary Miller is a talented tv personality and fisherwoman. She is now 68 years old, born to her parents in 1955. Raised in Oakland, California, she came from the family of a fisherman.

From her childhood days, Miller was into fishing in the lower 48 and hunting ducks, geese, and deer. Growing up in a family of fishermen, she was prepared for a life of self-sufficiency in the wild from a young age.

Image of Mary Miller

Mary is mostly known for her performance on the reality series “Port Protection Alaska”. With her in the show, she became a familiar name in the show, earning widespread notoriety for the wilderness and her passion for fishing.

She possesses strategic techniques for catching large fish. Also, she loves hunting and many other adventurous activities. The lady was featured on 24 episodes of the show.

At the very beginning of her journey, she was seen collecting a huge amount of firewood. Similarly, she was noticed gathering her first deer and accepting the challenge to face her fear of harvesting firewood and goose hunting.

Is Mary Miller Still On Port Protection?

Port Protection cast Mary Miller has not appeared in any latest episodes of the show. The fisherwoman has been missing from the popular series since season two.

She joined the cast of the show from Oakland in 2015. As of now, the lady has disappeared from Port Protection since she left with Maike for halibut fishing.

While in the series, Miller faced the struggling circumstance in the challenging environment of the Alaskan. She survived in the cold climate with the support of other fellow contestants of the show.

Although Mary hasn’t made a regular appearance, that doesn’t mean Mary has left port protection. She is still on the show but less frequent.

Who Is Port Protection Star Mary Miller’sHusband?

Mary Miller is single and doesn’t have a husband at present. However, the fisherwoman was formerly married.

Image of Mary Miller

The tv star parted away from her former husband with whom she has three children. In the show, Miller talked about her children; however, she never revealed her partner’s name.

Net Worth

Mary Miller’s net worth is $500,000 from her tv career. Likewise, she earns notable wealth as a fisherwoman.

Still, she prefers to live a modest lifestyle in a peaceful natural environment.

Quick Facts

Full Name Mary Miller
Age 68 years old
Date of Birth 1955
Profession Tv personality and fisherwoman
Husband Divorced
Children Three

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