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What Happened to Lewis Family on “The Last Alaskans”?

Image of Lewis Family

Can you imagine leaving all the comfort and living in the harsh environment of Alaska? Most of us will say no. However, there are actual families who stay away from today’s technology and comfort and live in the isolated icy land to make their living.

Discovery Channel’s reality show “The Last Alaskan,”  features the everyday lifestyle of four such families who have been living in the Artic condition in Alaska for decades. One such family is the Lewis Family.

The family appeared on the show from its very first season in 2015 and became the viewer’s favorite in no time. But, the family disappeared from the show in Season 3 without any clue.

Now, as this has worried the fans, there have been numerous inquiries about their whereabouts. So, let’s discover all about the Lewis Family here.

Who are the Lewis Family From “The Last Alaskan?”

Lewis Family is a highly adored family who had been living in the harsh climate of Alaska for over 4 decades. The family includes Ray Lewis, Cindy Lewis, and their 3 little daughters, Molly Lewis, Emma Lewis, and Sarah Lewis.

While Ray is the head of the family, he is mainly responsible for hunting and the well-being of his family. But this does not mean the females in the family depend on Ray; they contribute equally to the family with their survival skills.

Image of Lewis Family

Molly is a wilderness guide in Oregon, and Sarah, like her husband, has developed exceptional talents in trapping and shooting huge wildlife such as moose, caribou, and bears. Likewise, Cindy Lewis possesses an excellent talent for preserving food items like vegetables and meat in harsh climatic conditions.

Are Lewis’s Family Still on the “The Last Alaskan”? What Happened to Them?

No, the Lewis Family has suddenly vanished from the show. While the viewers enjoyed the family’s everyday life, the Lewises did not return to the show after Season 2. And as there was no prior notice about their exit from the show, the viewers seemed really upset with the uncertainty.

In Season 2, the family was busy constructing a houseboat for the family, and after it was finished, they began to live there most of the time. So as per the show makers, “The Last Alaskan” is mainly focused on featuring the lifestyle of families living among the Alaskan Refugees.

But as the Lewis family spent significant time on the houseboat, it was difficult to film them. Hence, despite their unwillingness, the show makers decided to remove the Lewis family from the show.

What are They Doing Now?

As of 2023, Ray, Cindy, and their youngest daughter Sarah Lewis are living in the houseboat. Their eldest daughter Molly is busy with her job as a wilderness guide in Oregon.

However, the middle daughter Emma has partnered with Charlie Jagow’s sister. Molly now trains as a sled dog racer.

Image of Lewis Family

Hence, the Lewis family is now busy with their respective lives, and most probably; they will not be reappearing on television.

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