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Kristina Crestin Wikipedia: Husband, Age, Death Rumor

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Image of Kristina Crestin with her husband, Kirby

Popularly recognized as the co-host of HGTV Network’s “Farmhouse Fixer,” Kristina Crestine is a gifted interior designer and the founder of Kristina Crestin Designs. She hosts the HGTV show alongside superstar Jonathan Knight who is also an old friend of hers. This is Kristina Crestin Wikipedia Biography, including his husband Kirby Crestin and death rumours, and net worth.

Determined to become an interior designer with her mother’s inspiration at a young age, Crestin is now a celebrated personality in the field with hundreds of fans.

Currently, while the fans are waiting for “Farmhouse Fixer,” Season 3, she can be seen competing in Season 4 of “Rock the Block,” alongside Jonathan. As the duo even won the first task, chances are high that they might win the new winners of the show.

Now, to know all about the talented designer, remain with us. Here we have brought all about Kristina’s ahe, her love life, and also some clarification about the rumours about her death.

Let’s get started without any further ado.

Farmhouse Fixer Star Kristina Crestin Age: How Old is the Star?

Image of Kristina Crestin

Kristina Bennet Cristin’s age is 42 years at present.

The designer was born in the year 1980, and her birthday falls on the 26th of September.

Kristina Crestin Wikipedia

Image of Kristina Crestin as an HGTV star

Kristina Crestin as an HGTV star

Crestin was born and raised in Bellingham in a loving family.

Her mother’s name is Deborah Shropshire Bennet, and she is a retired designer. You must have also noticed her working as Girl Friday at Kristina’s company. Before that, she served in various other companies, including and Putnam Investments.

Similarly, we are unsure about the details regarding her dad, but he was featured once on “Farmhouse Fixer.” Similarly, it appears that Kristina is the only daughter in the family.

Inspired by her mother’s creative career, Kristina developed a passion for designing.

In an interview, Kristina mentioned that she was sure to pursue a career in interior design at a very early age. In fact, in elementary school, she listed interior design, architecture, and dolphin trainer as her 3 future careers.

Nonetheless, she also revealed that she loved playing with legos and especially making floor plans. And years later, she has successfully built a prestigious career as one of the best interior designers in the nation.

Nonetheless, she went to Endicott College to study interior design after graduating from Bellingham Memorial Junior High School.

After having a degree, she wasted no time and worked as a designer for numerous firms until 2009, when she started her own interior design company, Kristina Crestin Design. Interestingly, it is an all-women-based company.

Likewise, the designer made her television debut by briefly serving the home improvement show “This Old House.”

Nonetheless, in 2021 she appeared on “Farmhouse Fixer,” alongside Jonathan Knight, to renovate antique farmhouses for clients in New England.

As she and Jonathan had known each other earlier, working together was not hard.

Kristina Crestin Is Married to her husband, Kriby Crestin 

Yes, Crestin is joyfully married to her beloved husband, Kirby Crestin.

Kirby is a construction worker. As both of them work in the same industry, reports claim that they initially met at a working site in 2004 when Kristina was serving at an architecture and interior designing firm in Beverly and Kirby was also in the same place for work. Soon they fell in love, dated for some time, and married in 2006.

Currently, Kristina and her husband, Kirby Crestin, have been happily married for 16 years and live peacefully in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. On that matter, the designer said she was curious if she would ever live in a coastal area, but that thought changed after meeting Kirby.

As per HGTV, Mr Kirby is also a foreman and carpenter, often assisting his wife on her projects.

Does Kristina Have Children?

Image of Kristina Crestin's Instagram post of her dog

The designer does not seem to have children.

Though she frequently mentioned her family and loved ones on social media, neither she nor her husband has ever talked about kids.

However, The Crestins have a fur baby who is often featured on “Farmhouse Fixer.” in 2021, Crestine dedicated a cute Father’s day Instagram post for her husband where she said,

“Wishing my hubby a Happy Father’s Day. He’s the best dog Dad ever, and we’re so lucky to have him in our lives.”

So this clarifies that they do not have any biological children but consider their pet dog Cooper as one.

Kristina Crestin Death Rumor Explained

Kristina Crestin is not dead; she is alive and healthy.

Recently there have been many rumours about Kristina’s death, and we are not sure what sparked the rumour. However, to make things clear for her fans, the interior designer is not dead.

In fact, she recently updated her Instagram story and newsfeed with her latest laundry room designs. So, any news claiming the star designer’s death is nothing but a rumour or clickbait.

Net Worth

Image of Kristina Crestin in Farmhouse Fixer

According to reports, Ms. Crestin’s net worth is $3 million as of 2023.

At present, the majority of her income can be credited to her interior design work on HGTV’s “Farmhouse Fixer” and “Rock the Block.”

But in addition to that, she earns a lucrative amount from different projects from her interior design company, Kristina Crestine Designs.”

So, the star interior designer has not only received fame from her decades-long career but also earned a comfortable life for herself.

 Quick Facts

Name Kristina Bennet Crestin
Age 42 years
Date of Birth 26th September 1980
Education Bellingham Memorial Junior  and Endicott College
Profession TV Personality, Entrepreneur, and Interior Designer
Relationship Status Married
Husband Kirby Crestin
Net Worth $3 million

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