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Keisha Chambers: Facts about Justin Chambers’ wife.       

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Image of Keisha Chambers with her husband, Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers, known for his portrayal of Alex Karev, underwent a remarkable character transformation on the long-running ABC show. Justin is married to wife Keisha.

The news of his departure after 15 years came as a shock to fans. At the age of 50, Justin expressed his desire to explore new acting opportunities, and his wife, Keisha Chambers, along with their five children, has been a constant pillar of support. Let’s delve into the intriguing aspects of Keisha Chambers’ life.

Who is Keisha Chambers?

Image of Keisha Chambers with her husband, Justin Chambers

Keisha Chambers with her husband, Justin Chambers

Keisha Chambers is widely recognized as the wife of Justin Chambers, a celebrated actor known for his notable role in the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Born on 27th August 1970 in London, Ohio, USA, and raised there, Chambers grew up in a lower-middle-class family. She was the youngest among three siblings and had the privilege of completing her education thanks to the combined efforts of her supportive parents and older brothers. They pooled their resources to cover her college fees and other expenses.

From a young age, Keisha developed a deep passion for the world of high fashion and dreamt of becoming a part of it. However, her aspirations were hindered by societal prejudices and the challenges she faced due to her dark skin tone. Despite the setbacks, Keisha decided to pursue a career in the modelling industry. She found a role as a booker at a modelling agency, where she also assisted in coaching aspiring models.

Facts about Justin Chambers’ Wife Keisha Chambers

Image of Keisha and Justin Chambers with their kids

Keisha and Justin Chambers with their kids

●     Married for 3 decades now

Keisha and Justin first crossed paths during their time working in the fashion industry. Justin, a model for Calvin Klein, and Keisha, also employed by the fashion house, felt an immediate connection when their eyes met. This connection laid the foundation for their enduring 3 decades of marriage. The beautiful couple exchanged vows in 1993.

●     Overcame racial barriers to Marriage

Keisha and Justin’s relationship began early in their careers. Justin worked as a model, and Keisha was employed at a modeling agency for Calvin Klein. They dated for a few years before tying the knot in an intimate ceremony attended by close family members. Despite the prevalent racial discrimination at the time, their bond grew stronger over the years. Justin considers himself fortunate to have Keisha as his partner.

●     Mother of Five

Keisha and Justin are proud parents of five children; Isabella (28), Jackson (21), Eva (24), and the twins, Maya and Kaila (25). While they prefer to maintain a low profile, one of their children has been gaining recognition for their talent.

Eva Chambers, their 24-year-old daughter, plays the bass guitar in the rock band “Tchotchke.” Previously known as “Pinky Pinky,” the band underwent changes due to a departing member and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the addition of new band member Emily, Eva and vocalist Anastasia are releasing new music under their new band name.

Their album “Dizzy” features singles like “Don’t Hang up on Me,” “Wish You Were a Girl,” and “Come on, Sean.” Eva shared in an interview with i-D that she and her sisters formed the band when they moved to Los Angeles, where she discovered her passion for music.

Justin proudly celebrated his daughter’s achievements, congratulating her and her bandmates on Instagram.

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