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Is John Dean still married to wife Maureen? Children, Ex-wife.

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Image of John Dean and Maureen Dean

An American former attorney, John Dean, got married to his wife, Maureen, nearly 51 years ago. However, the Dean couple doesn’t have any children in the marriage.

John previously served for U.S. President Richard Nixon as White House Counsel in the 1970s. Before that, he was associated with the United States House Committee on the Judiciary, performing the role of chief minority counsel.

On the other hand, Dean’s wife, Maureen, is a professional writer who has published several books, including The Mike Douglas Show (1961), Mo: A Woman’s View of Watergate (1975), and Blind Ambition (1979).

Is John Dean Still Married To Maureen?

Image of John Dean and Maureen Dean

John Dean and Maureen Dean

John Dean tied the wedding knot with Maureen in an intimate ceremony on 13 October 1972. Before her, he was married to his first wife, Karla Ann Hennings. Likewise, Maureen was also married twice – George Owen (m. 1967) and Michael William Biner (m. 1968). 

As of 2023, John’s marriage with Maureen marked five decades. Still, the Dean couple is blissfully in their union, remaining as each other’s backbone.

When John’s involvement was found during the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal, many people assumed that his second marriage with Maureen would also end.

Reportedly, Dean was guilty of covering up the matter and eventually testified to Congress as a witness.

Meanwhile, Maureen showed great support to John during this tough time. Following his trial, she would always attend all of his court hearings.

Upon completion of Dean’s jail tenure, the couple relocated to Beverly Hills, where they still reside.

What is John Dean’s wife, Maureen doing today?

Image of Maureen Dean today

Maureen Dean disappeared from the media after John’s Watergate scandal, which occurred at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

After the event, Maureen devoted her full time to writing. Now, She is 77 years old and has retired from her work.

Mrs. Deen is living a low-key lifestyle and enjoying time with her loved ones. Maureen’s daily activities include sightseeing, such as visits to parks, long walks, and other fun outdoors.

John Dean’s Children With Her Ex-wife

Dean was married to his first wife, Karla Ann Hennings, for 8 years. The two walked down the aisle in 1962; however, they got divorced in 1970.

With Karla, the 87-year-old former politician has a child named John Wesley Dean IV (son). But, he hasn’t produced any kids with his now wife, Maureen.

Some Interesting Facts On John Dean

Full Name John Wesley Dean III
Age 84 years old
Birth date 14 October 1938
Place of birth Akron, Oho
Nationality American
Wives Karla Ann Hennings (1962 to 1970)

Maureen Kane (1972 to present)

Children 1

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