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Jacob Landry Net Worth 2023: Income Sources, Age

Image of Jacob Landry

History Channel has given us remarkable TV series along with TV stars. One such personality is Jacob Landry.

He is a long-standing television personality who appears on the History Network reality series “Swamp People.” He has appeared on the series since 2013 and has garnered thousands of well-wishers from the show. Swamp People cast Jacob Landry’s net worth is $500,000. Details about his income sources are below.

Apart from earning fans, he has gathered a significant sum in his career. So, in this article, let us unfold how wealthy is History Channel TV star, Jacob Landry.

Jacob Landry Age: How old is He?

Jacob is not just known for being a TV star in the “Swamp People,” but he is also known for being a director. Born on December 27, 1983, he is currently 39 years of age and was born to parents Bernita Landry (mother) and Troy Landry (father) in Louisiana, the United States.

Image of Jacob Landry

As he is the son of the more excellent alligator hunter in the US, Troy Landry, the hunting genes pass over to the TV star, who is also a skilled hunter of the deadliest reptiles. At 39, Jacob is well known for his alligator hunting skills and is also recognized for his work on the daytime talk show called “The Queen Latifah Show,” which aired from 2013 to 2015.

Likewise, we can also know him for Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead.

What is Jacob’s Net Worth?

As mentioned, Jacob followed his father Troy in their family legacy, i.e., alligator hunting. Likewise, hunting has been passed on for five generations till now.

So, this gives us an idea that he is not just the only person in this business, but people are lined up before and after him. Moreover, apart from hunting, appearing in the series Swamp People and movies is also one of the income sources for the TV star.

Jacob and other casts of the swamp people make $100,000 per season, which is a major income source for Jacob Landry. He also derives some income from selling merch on his web store.

Hence, his net worth is estimated at $1 million, whereas his father, Troy Landry, has a net worth of around $2 million. Apart from being paid by the history channel, Jacob and Troy also earn substantial money from harvesting and selling the crawfish.

Quick Facts

Name Jacob Landry
Date of Birth December 27, 1983
Age 39 years
Occupation TV star, Actor, Director, and Hunter
Parents Troy Landry (father), Bernita Landry (mother)
Relationship Status Married
Wife Lyndsi Landry
Children 2
Net Worth $1 Million

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