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Jacob Elordi’s Sisters: Isabella Elordi and Jalynn Elordi’ Biography.

Image of Jacob Elordi with his sister, Isabella Elordi

Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor and writer born in Brisbane, Australia, on 26th June 1997. He is well known for his roles in Netflix film series and drama series “The Kissing Booth” and “Euphoria” as Noah Flynn and Nate Jacobs, respectively.

With a height of 6 feet 5 inches and cute dimples, Jacob rose to stardom as a rom-com heartthrob and has 13 million followers on Instagram.

He has also played as Martin’s Marine in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017), Rooster in Swinging Safari (2018), Jake in The Mortuary Collection (2018), and Chris in 2 Hearts (2018).

He has been a huge Heath Ledger fan since his childhood. As of September 2022, the Kissing Booth’s star is estimated to have a net worth of 3 million USD.

While filming the rom-com movie series “Kissing Booth,” Jacob was romantically involved with his cute co-star, Joey King (2017 – 2018). Later on, after splitting with King, he was to be dating his Euphoria sweetheart, Zendaya.

They were seen vacationing together in Greece. After breaking up with Spiderman heroine in 2020, he dated the Deep Water star, Kaia Gerber, for a year while he maintained the relationship discreetly.

Elordi also started a casual relationship with the influencer, Olivia jade Giannulli, which they later announced to be dating but went separate ways 3 months later in August 2022. Currently, Jacob is reported to be dating anyone Bianca Finch

Jacob Elordi’s Family: (sisters, parents)

Image of Jacob Elordi with his sister, Isabella Elordi, and their parents

Jacob Elordi with his sister, Isabella Elordi, and their parents

Kissing Booth star Jacob Elordi was raised in Brisbane, Australia, by his father, John Elordi, and mother, Melissa Elordi, and is a Christian adherent. The 25-year-old actor and model has an older sister, Isabella Elordi, and a younger sister, Jalynna Elordi.

Jacob’s father first moved from the Basque Country to Australia at the age of eight; hence the Elordis are Basque ethnic decedents.

Isabella Elordi’s Biography

Jacob Elordi’s elder sister, Isabella Elordi, is a renowned Australian photographer, designer, and ballet dancer based in Melbourne, Australia.

She attended Melbourne’s Australian Ballet School; her whole family migrated to Melbourne to support her ballet career.

Regarding height, the 25-year-old Elordi is the shorter of all her siblings and is approximately 5 feet 7 inches judging from her photos on the internet. Like her younger brother, she is also a Christian follower.

Isabella began working as a professional photographer professionally in 2018, focusing on portraits. Her distinctive items and artful illumination set her apart from other photographers.

Her net worth and income is not disclosed to the public, but the standard income of an Australian photographer is approximately $34,200, which is enormous. Apart from that, she also works in theatres as a ballet dancer.

Probing into her personal life, Isabella has not reportedly been dating anyone. She has 64.1k followers on Instagram and goes by the handle @isabellaelordi.

Jalynn Eloridi’s Biography

Jalynn Elordi is the younger sister of Jacob and the youngest Elordi.

Although the specific information of Jalynn birth details is not publicized, we believe she is a millennial born in 1999 as she is allegedly reported to be of 23 years of age as of 2022 and was born and raised in Queensland, Australia.

With black hair and a brown pair of eyes, Jalynn also follows the Christian religion, just like the other members of her family.

Unlike her elder brother and sister with a huge presence on social media, the internet, and the public, the youngest, Elordi, is a private person and does not have social media accounts or public media accounts.

Her net worth is also not publicized yet

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