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Ivy Calvin Net Worth, House. Wife and Family.

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Image of Ivy Calvin with his wife, Wendy Calvin

Ivy Calvin is characterized as a rowdy, persistent, and self-assured American reality television celebrity. He is most known for participating in the A&E Network TV series “Storage Wars” since 2012 amid its 3rd season.

Also known as “The King of Palmdale,” Ivy was formally an MMA fighter and arena football player; he currently runs Grandma’s Attic and is a wealthy businessman.

He has made a reputation for himself as someone who never hesitates to pursue his ambitions.

Ivy Calvin Wikipedia Biography

Image of Ivy Calvin

Born on 10th September 1971, Ivy Calvin was born in Southern California, USA, and belongs of African-American origin. He graduated from California State University.

Ivy formerly competed in MMA and played linebacker at Cal State Northridge in American football before his stardom. Prior to switching to the ring, he competed professionally in the arena football league.

He is most known for his greatest MMA victory in 2002, when he used a keylock to beat a rival in under a minute. Calvin has been captivated by storage lockers for a very long while.

He spent over ten years touring auctions around the country and selling the goods he bought at swap meets and flea markets.

Calvin ultimately decided to create Grandma’s Attic, a secondhand shop, in Palmdale, California, in 2009.

It sells a variety of unusual things and objects that Ivy auctioned on in “Storage Wars,” and he has even expanded his customer base by going online.

Ivy Calvin as Storage Wars cast

Image of Ivy Calvin with his co-cast members in Storage Wars show

Ivy Calvin with his co-cast members in the Storage Wars show

After opening his firm, Calvin used the moniker “The King of Palmdale” to flaunt his great auctioning.

The shop has now developed into a tourist destination, inviting numerous clients, notably “Storage Wars” aficionados who are constantly hunting for unique treasures.

After Dave Hester, one of the main cast, departed the show in the 3rd season, Calvin made his first debut on “Storage Wars,” first appearing as a part-time cast member.

Later he became part of the main cast in the show’s fifth season and has been a part of it ever since.

He has participated in 50 episodes and has become well-known for both his intelligent strategy for auctions and his skill in supplying his shop with a wide variety of products from storage lockers.

He is known to go as far as necessary to replenish his stocks when there aren’t many auctions in the desert.

He makes himself identified to the people everywhere he travels and credits his initial days as an MMA fighter and arena football player for instilling in him a fierce sense of competition.

Ivy has 16 years of purchasing experience, so he is hardly misled by the antics of other purchasers.

Ivy Calvin’s Wife and Family

Ivy is married to his wife, Wendy Calvin, since 2013, and both are blessed with two boys together, Ivy Jr. and Isaiah. They both had a scene with their dad in an episode of “Storage Wars.”

Ivy Jr is also an athlete like his father and participates in field and track events in addition to playing basketball and football. Ivy seeks to devote his quality time whenever free.

The family frequently goes hunting, fishing, and on vacations together throughout California.

Net Worth and income sources

Calvin has amassed a substantial amount of fortune in his roles as a business owner and reality TV personality.

Calvin makes more than $6,000 weekly and $25,000 per month, which equates to $300,000 from his business and $200,000 from “Storage Wars” yearly. According to references, Calvin’s net worth is more than $1.5 million.

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