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Is Eric Christian Olsen Related to Olsen Twins? Net Worth, Bio.

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Image of Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright

Eric Christian Olsen is an outstanding American actor who is highly appreciated for his role as Investigator Marty Deeks on CBS Network’s action drama show NCIS: Los Angeles.

Likewise, Olsen Twins, aka Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen, are twin sisters most recognized in the American fashion world. They are also former actresses who acted at only 6 months of age in the popular TV comedy show, “Full House.”

Now, as Eric and the Olasen twins share the same last name, the netizens are curious to find out about their relationship. Are they related? Stay with us as we discover the truth.

Who is Eric Christian Olsen? Age and Bio

Image of Eric Christian Olsen with his wife, Sarah Wright

Eric Christian Olsen with his wife, Sarah Wright

Olsen is a 45 yeras old actor born on 31st May 1977.

He grew up as a younger child to Paul V. Olsem and Jeanne nee Donstad in Eugene, Oregon. His father was an English teacher and head track coach, whereas his mother was a non-denominational chaplain.

He has an older brother David Olsen, who is often seen as Eric’s stunt double in his TV shows.

Eric was interested in the entertainment world from a young age and hence began his acting career in local theatres when he was a teenager. And it was during his early 20s he got his first big screen hit from the television film “Arthur Quest.”

After working on a couple of minor roles, he got a lead role in the movie, “Not Another Teen Movie.” Since then, he can be seen making appearances on dozens of hit TV programs and movies.

Some of the actor’s famous movies are “The Last Kiss,” “The Sic Wives of Henry Lefay,” “Band of Robbers,” and “Sun Dogs,”

And “Tru Calling,” “The Loop,” “24,” “NCIS:Los Angelses,” “Hero Factory,” and “Root Chicken,” are some of his notable television works.

As of 2023, Olsen bid farewell to “NCIS:Los Angeles,” on Season 14 after serving as Marty Deeks for 13 years. Interestingly, the actor also wrote Episode 10 of Season 11 of the show.

Apart from acting, Eric has also been involved in producing a short movie, “Bald,” and a documentary, “Andy Irons: Kissed by God.”

Now, speaking of his current family, he lives with his beautiful wife, Sarah Wright. The pair got married in 2012 and now share 3 adorable kids.

Is Eric Christian Olsen Related to Olsen Twins?

No, Eric Christin Olsen is not related to the Olsen Twins.

Despite having the same last name and pursuing similar careers, Eric Christian Olsen and the

Olsen Twins are not related by any means. While Eric was born and raised in Oregon, the Olsen twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate, were born (on 13th June 1986) and brought up in Sherman Oaks, California.

Likewise, the main fact that confirms they are not related is that the Olsen Twins have Norwegian ancestry, whereas Eric’s ancestry is purely American.

Speaking a bit about Olsen’s twins, the twin sister were child actors, and they now own a production company, Dualstar. They were also listed among the wealthiest young women in the entertainment industry.

Hence, it is evident that despite having a similar last name, they are unrelated.

Eric Christian Olsen’s Net Worth.

Image of Eric Christian Olsen as a known actor

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mr. Olsen’s net worth is $13 million.

The actor has accumulated an opulent sum from his 25 yeras old career in the entertainment industry. Likewise, as he has also given a hand in the production line, the work provides him with a decent income.

Nonetheless, as a well-known public figure, he likely receives various offers for brand endorsements as well.

And what is impressive is that Eric not only earns a large sum of money from his career but also puts a significant amount of it towards philanthropy and charity. He is a great supporter and board member of Hats Off for Cancer.

Quick Facts

Name Eric Christian Olsen
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth 31st May 1977
Parents Jeanne (née Donstad) and Paul V. Olsen
Education Bettendorf Middle High School
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Married
Wife Sarah Wright
Children 3
Net Worth $13 million

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