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Is Dave Hester Still Married To Donna Hester? Son

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Image of Dave Hester with his wife, Donna Hester

Dave Hester is a professional auctioneer, storage unit buyer, businessman, and reality television personality based in the United States, best known for his chief role in the American Reality TV show “Storage Wars”. Dave is currently married to his wife, Donna Hester and together have a son, Dave Hester Jr.

Dave Hester is Married To Donna Hester

Image of Dave Hester and Donna Hester, his wife.

Dave Hester and Donna Hester, his wife.

Donna Hester gained fame primarily as the wife of prominent reality Television figure Dave Hester.

Further information about her life before to her marriage to Dave is still undisclosed. She was born and raised in the United States of America.

The Hester pair is very private about their marriage and relationship. Dave and his wife, Donna, never spoke publicly of their marital relationship.

As a result, their wedding date and other private details remain hidden from the media spotlight.

Although rumors about Dave and Donna being divorced are circulating, the Hester couple is residing happily in Santa Ana, California, with their lovely pugs, Pinky and Violet.

Despite the couple not making many public appearances, we can still find Dave posting pictures of his wife once in a while on his Instagram and Facebook profiles.

While Donna’s actual net worth is not published publicly, her husband Dave, in contrast, is reported to be worth $7 million as of 2022.

His primary stream of earnings was his television and business careers.

Dave Hester Kids: A son of Dave Hester Jr.

Dave and Donna Hester have a son, Dave Hester Jr. The junior Hester also aspires to walk in his father’s footsteps and has also accompanied his dad with storage auctions and has appeared on television alongside his father.

Dave Jr.’s dream is to possess a mobile residence so that he may become a traveling auctioneer, which would allow him to frequent more auctions.

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