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Constance Nunes Wikipedia, Her Net Worth & Age.

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Image of Constance Nunes with her partner, Jared Toller

Constance Nunes is a recurring name when the Netflix original series Car Master: Rust to Riches is a topic of discussion. And with the end of the fourth season, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next.

Nunes, the only female mechanic, featured on the show, has created quite a buzz and interest among the viewers. Read this to know Constance Nunes’ Net Worth and Wikipedia biography.

Constance Nunes Wikipedia

Image of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes is a known mechanic and a TV personality. She is also known for casting in a car TV show called Car Masters

Constance Nunes is an American model, reality TV personality, and skilled mechanic.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but is of Portuguese descent.

Besides her stint at car shows, she has modeled for companies, including Jockey, Javanan Magazine, and Feral Cosmetics.

Nunes is a veteran mechanic. She has worked in hot rod shops, dealership service departments, and chop shops.

Backed by her automotive industry experience of over 16 years, she now builds and restores classic American muscle cars and hot rods.

Ford Mustangs of the 60s are her special focus. She has been part of the build team in prestigious SEMA showcased cars and Rockstar Energy X Cyberpunk Quadra, an exclusive build with Rockstar Energy.

The owner of the Babystang, a 1964.5 ford mustang, has worked for Fortune 500 companies, including Mattel (Hotwheels).

Besides that, SEMA, Wekfest, Goodguysm, and Motorama are some of the high-profile auto shows and conventions where she has hosted, judged, and made celebrity appearances.

Apart from her mechanic skills, Nunes is also a popular television personality.

Her role as the lead mechanic in the Netflix original series Car Master: Rust to Riches made her known worldwide.

She was the first female to feature in an Edelbrock national commercial, a feat she achieved in 2019.

A professional driver in her own right, she has taken part in numerous distinguished races, including Targa Trophy and The Gumball 3000 Rally.

While her career might already seem very impressive, there’s more. She was a stunt woman for the Bring it On (Movies 3 and 5).

Moreover, Nunes owns a local business in Murrieta, California, CARS By Constance.

Constance Nunes On Gotham Garage

Image of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes is a known mechanic and a TV personality. She is also known for casting in a car TV show called Car Masters

Constance Nunes is the lead mechanic of the Gotham Garage crew in Netflix’s Car Masters.

The group builds custom cars to trade for money. Throughout four seasons of the series, the crew has built some fantastic ones.

1940’s Woody Station Wagon, Batmobile Replica, Splittin’Image (Based on Hotwheels original), Ford Vicky (1930s Ford Victoria), Dodge Power Wagon, Speed Racer Mach 5 Replica, Chevy Bel Air are some of the fantastic work they put out in the years.

However, a few of the builds ended up disliked by the fans, especially the Chrysler Sebring Race Car and their concept car.

With the end of the fourth season, the Gotham Garage family is now bigger. Brian and James, two experienced fabricators, became part of the crew after Nick introduced them.

Constance On Car Masters: Rust to Riches

Image of Constance Nunes as a Car Masters mechanic

Constance Nunes as a Car Masters mechanic

Car Masters: Rust to Riches is a show to watch for car enthusiasts, and if you are one, Gotham Garage’s Constance Nunes will certainly catch your eye.

She first began appearing in the Netflix series in 2018. Throughout four seasons, the only female mechanic has become a topic of discussion among the fans.

It wasn’t all good for Nunes at first. The viewers doubted her work, spurring some controversy.

Some didn’t belive she put any real effort. Probably the stereotype of a car mechanic didn’t suit the beautiful Nunes. However, she has shown her skills in the men-dominated industry these past seasons.

Net Worth

Constance Nunes’ estimated net worth is $2 million.

The figure doesn’t seem surprising at all. Whatsmore, it might be under the lower end. The lead mechanic on Car Masters’ makes a fortune from the show and other side jobs.

Constance is also a model associated with NTA Model Management. She has worked with high-profile companies, including Jockey and Javanan Magazine.

In addition, she owns CARS By Constance, a shop dedicated to building cars. According to her website, she wants to inspire automotive enthusiasts and women in automotive to pursue their passion.

Likewise, Constance, with a following of 1.2 million on Instagram, probably earns some cash from the platform.

How old is Constance Nunes?

Constance Nunes is 33 years old.

She was born on 17 November 1989 in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Ernie Nunes, was a source of inspiration for her car career. He was an amateur racer and a mechanic.

As a child, Nunes used to stay at her dad’s garage and cheer him at his races. One day, she got selected to model for one of the events. And that’s how her modeling career began.

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