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Barry Weiss Net Worth. Car Collection, House.      

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Image of Barry Weiss

Storage Wars, an A&E blockbuster reality show, fascinated thousands of audiences for over ten years. Seemingly, folks just enjoy glancing into old or abandoned storage bins to discover what could be inside.

If you love the show, then you’re probably familiar with Barry Weiss: a former storage-treasure hunter transformed reality TV personality with instantly recognizable wit and unique skeletal gloves. Read until you know Barry Weiss’ net worth.

Who is Barry Weiss?

Image of Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss is a known reality TV celebrity in the United States and a veteran storage-treasure hunter born on 11th February 1951 and belongs to a Jewish-American family.

Following on, Weiss released his own programs from A&E, “Barry’d Treasure” (2014) and “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back” (2015). He has also made appearances in the films “Motorcycle Mania III” (2004) and “Beverly Hills Garage – The Bruce Meyer Project” (2019).

Before becoming a reality television persona, Barry achieved great success in the production industry alongside his brother. For more than 25 years, he was engaged in the production industry.

He later retired to engage in storage hunting. His business made him ample fortune for him to retire and travel around for several years.

After becoming tired of visiting far-flung places, Weiss returned home and began spending his great wealth to pursue his love for antiques and collectibles.

Because he chose to take the majority of the items he won, Barry has acknowledged that he didn’t earn quite so much money as his “Storage Wars” co-stars.

Weiss’s vast expertise encompasses everything from vintage automobiles to artifacts from previous wars.

Barry has no hesitation in adopting outrageous techniques to achieve his next catch and is always searching for innovative methods.

Storage Wars star Barry is a terrific source for one-liners since he never holds his mouth.

Barry Weiss as Storage Wars Cast

Image of Barry Weiss with hi co-cast members in Storage Wars

Barry Weiss with his co-cast members in Storage Wars

The reality TV craze made scores of fascinating and affluent personalities from many professions and commercial sectors better known to the wider populace. Widely popular among them are “Storage Wars” and “Shark Tank”.

Barry’s friend and the executive producer and presenter of Storage Wars, Thom Beers, urged him to participate in the show and therefore, so to say, “expand his horizons.” Weiss never shied away from a challenge, so he seized the opportunity.

Barry distinguished himself among all the entertainers by choosing to retain his most outstanding catches rather than vying to auction them for the highest bid. Additionally, it is how Barry came to be known as “The Collector.”

After the fourth season, Barry quit Storage Wars, but he was granted a sequel series called Barry’d Treasure that only aired for a single season.

However, after nearly a decade of absence from the show, Barry returned to the show in its 14th season in 2021.

Barry spiced up the program with his special style of comedy and rock star-like charisma throughout his appearances in all 36 episodes of the season.

Weiss will probably return to Storage Wars in its 15th season, whilst A&E hasn’t publicly stated when filming would begin.

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry participates in a wide variety of profitable businesses and his earnings are much influenced by his luck while looking for hidden riches.

Nevertheless, according to other estimates, it may value at as much as $47,500 every month.

The fact that Barry made less money each episode contrasted to a few of his other coworkers—roughly $10,000 as compared to $15–25,000—became broadly publicized. Unfortunately, the specific salaries of the Storage Wars cast members are not publicly disclosed.

The estimated net worth of Barry Wiess as of 2022 is $10 million.

Car Collection

Barry has a sizable automotive inventory, estimated to be valued $500,000, and is well known for driving a brand-new motor to every auction. Of all, his 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac, which was regularly shown on “Storage Wars,” is the most famed.


Image of Barry Weiss' house in Los Angeles

Barry Weiss’ house in Los Angeles

Barry Weiss is the owner of a Laughlin Park mansion in Beverly Hills that values at $1.8 million. Made in 1928, the house has four bedrooms.

It is considered to be among the top 5 residential streets in Los Angeles. Several celebs are said to reside there, notably music producer Chris Ivery and actress Natalie Portman.

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