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What Happened to Amanda on Port Protection? Biography

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Image of Amanda Maker

Amanda Maker was a former participant in the show called National Geographic’s show Port Protection Alaska. The strong-headed lady had taught herself to trap and hunt while isolated in the remote community of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

The survival show premiered in March 2015 with a motive to present the story of people struggling to survive in a small community in Alaska. In 2016, the show wrapped up after series two.

Then, it made a comeback with a spin-off show called Life Below Zero in 2018. After two years, Port Protection returned with many changes to its cast members.

Port Protection Star Amanda Wikipedia

Amanda Maker is a well-known name in the television industry. She gained popularity after her appearance on the survival tv series Port Protection.

The lady was one of the fan favorites while the show originally on-aired in 2015 and 2016. Her presence on the show was appreciated by fans from all over the globe.

Image of Amanda Maker

Maker did her best to stay alive on Prince Wales Island, on the edge of fishing, hunting, and constructing a shelter for living.

The most-liked part of the series was when Maker was taken out into the wild and learned how to shoot as well as go Halibut fishing.

In the show, Amanda performed well as she went on getting one step closer to self-sufficiency. Similarly, she also cleared off her debut while putting in some tasks cleaning the green gunk off of a fellow participant’s bigger vessel.

Amanda Maker Age

Fans’ favorite Amanda seems to be in her mid-40s based on her appearance. She is extremely gorgeous with a sharp jawline and fair skin tone.

Marker was much more cheerful in the show than many other contestants. The lady enjoys adventures and often plans for solo hunts.

What Happened To Port Protection Cast Amanda?

With the return of Port Protection Alaska in 2020, there was a big change in the series, and many former cast members didn’t join the show.

Amanda, who was part of nine episodes of the show for two seasons, went missing from the show in its third series. Even though she said her final goodbye at the end of series two, many fans were expecting her comeback in the show.

Image of Amanda Maker

As per several reports, Amanda left the show as she was finding it tiresome to survive in a remote Alaskan community. Nonetheless, the lady is a great hunter who learned survival skills while living in the wild.

Did Amanda Leave The Show?

Yes, Amanda quit the reality TV show National Geographic at the end of the second series. So, she is absent from the series’ third season.

Maker no longer has a role in the series. In the meantime, her well-wishers are hopeful that she will make her debut once again in the show.

Quick Facts

Full Name Amanda Maker
Birth Place United States
Age Mid-40s
Profession Tv personality
Shows Lawless Island: Port Protection (2015-2016)

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