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AJ Green Net Worth. Wife Miranda Brooke and Kids.

Image of AJ Green with his wife Miranda Brooke

Adriel Jeremiah Green, better known as A.J. Green, is a retired NFL-based football player based in the United States. He started his professional football career at the University of Georgia before being drafted 4th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2011 NFL Draft. Details about the income source for AJ Green’s $40 million net worth will shock you.

He played with the Cincinnati Bengals for a decade and placed himself as one of the most steady and reliable players in NFL history. Similarly, before retiring as a legend, Green joined Arizona Cardinals in 2021 and showcased his extraordinary skills as the most dominant wide receiver of his time.

According to the source, he will be allowed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2027. Continue reading to know about AJ Green’s wife Miranda Brooke and their kids.

Who is AJ Green? Parents and Bio

AJ Green is a 34-year-old NFL Player of the Year Award-nominated footballer. His parents gave birth to him on 31st July 1988 in Summerville, South Carolina.

His father, Woodrow Green, was a retired truck driver and a steelworker, whereas his mother, Dora Green, used to work as a clerk at Walmart. He also had an older brother, but sadly, he passed away in an accident.

Likewise, he went to Summerville High School and was in the school’s athletics. Though he played football, basketball, and Track, he was best at football and was even listed as the top national football prospect of his time.

Image of AJ Green

After joining the Univerity of Georgia in 2010, he committed his athletic career to football solely. In 2011 he was drafted by NFL in the 1st Round.

Since then, he first signed a contract with Cincinnati Bengals and remained dedicated as a wide receiver for a decade. Then he joined Arizona Cardinals in 2021 just to retire from his professional career in February 2023.

AJ now says he feels blessed to have dedicated 12 years to football, and though he could physically play for some additional years, he was mentally tired. In his latest Instagram post, he thanked his football teams and all his well-wishers for their immense support.

His Height: How Tall is the Athlete?

AJ stands at the towering height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m). As an athlete, he has also worked hard to maintain a healthy body mass of 94 kgs (207lb).

AJ Green Wife, Miranda Brooke: Kids

Mr. Green has been blissfully wedded to his wife, Miranda Brooke, for 8 years. Sources claim that the pair is a college sweetheart who got married on 21st March 2015 after dating for some years.

Image of AJ Green with his wife Miranda Brooke

Miranda and AJ had a grand wedding ceremony in Atlanta, and their wedding dance even got viral on social media. Like her husband, Miranda is also an American celebrity who has made a name for herself as a singer and rapper.

Similarly, AJ Green and his wife are blessed with 2 sons. Their elder son Eston Ace Green is 5 years old, and their younger son Gunner Blaze Green is 3.

Net Worth

AJ’s net worth is $40 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. He amassed this impressive fortune over his 12-year career as a professional football player.

In addition to his successful gaming career, he also generates income from his merchandise sales. Additionally, being a well-known public figure, he is usually involved in brand promotion and advertisements, which also further adds to his massive net worth.

Quick Facts

Name Adriel Jeremiah Green
Age 34 years
Date of Birth 31st July 1988
Height 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m)
Parents Woodrow Green and Dora Green
Education Summerville High School and the University of Georgia
Profession NFL Footballer
Relationship Status Married
Wife Miranda Brooke
Children 3
Net Worth $ 40 million

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