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Who is Aaron McGruder’s Wife? Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows

Image of Aaron McGruder

Aaron McGruder is an NAACP Award Winning cartoonist and writer who is widely known for his comic strip, “The Boondocks.” Initially created the comic to secure a place in his college’s newspaper, his comic strip became the central element of his fame. Know about Aaron McGruder’s wife and love life.

He is also an activist for Black rights who often spreads awareness and queries through the characters of his comics. Now, if you are a comic lover, you must already recognize the man, but if you are new, let’s get to know Aaron McGruder a little better.

Details about Aaron McGruder’s net worth, movies & TV shows.

Aaron McGruder Bio: Age and Parents

Born on 29th May 1947, Aaron McGruder is 48 years at present. His parents, Bill McGruder (father) and Elaine McGruder (mother) raised him in Maryland, along with his elder brother Dedric McGruder.

Image of Aaron McGruder

He graduated high school from Oakland Mills High School and later went to the University of Maryland and studied African American Studies. Aaron enjoyed hip-hop music, movies, and comics like any young man. His favorite movie was “Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope.”

His Career: Is He on Movies and TV Shows?

Interested in comics from a young age, Aaron McGruder paved his career path toward comic writing from his college days. He began his journey as a comic strip writer by volunteering for the position at his university’s newspaper, which eventually led to the creation of his famous comic strip, “The Boondock.”

The strip gained tremendous popularity within his college community. In addition to writing the comic, he was also the cartoonist who drew every character by himself, drawing inspiration from anime.

His perspective of Black people and his love for hip-hop inspired the comic strip. Soon he published the strip on the Internet at with the help of his friends and began getting multiple offers from national newspaper publishers.

Finally, in 1999, Aaron signed a contract with Universal Press Syndicate making “The Boondock” appear in 160 newspapers. Not only did his comic strip entertain the public, but it also raised awareness and questions about Black rights and equality.

Though it got into huge controversy and was demanded to be banned by some people, its vast fanbase kept the comic continuing. Likewise, it was also later animated and broadcasted on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, with its first episode airing in 2005.

Apart from “The Boondocks,” he is also one of the developers of comedy shows like “The Super Ruble Mix Show,” and “Black Jesus.” McGruder is also the screenwriter of a 2012 war-based movie,” Red Tails.”

So, though he has not actually acted in any TV shows or films, he has been involved in their writing and production.

Aaron McGruder’s Wife: Married to Mystery Wife.

Mr. McGruder is married to an anonymous wife. As the writer is very private about his personal life, there is no single information about his marriage or wife.

However, some of their pictures can be found on the internet. Likewise, as Aaron is already in his late 40s, we assume he must also have children, but their identities are also off the record.

And as the man has no social media presence, it is difficult to keep track of his personal activities.

Aaron McGruder’s Net Worth is $10 Million

Net Worth Reports state McGruder’s net worth to be $10 million at present. The star receives most of his income by writing for various TV shows and movies and developing cartoon characters.

Likewise, he is also a black rights activist with strong political views who is frequently invited to give extensive lectures and speeches. So these advocacies must also provide him with a decent income.

Image of Aaron McGruder

Nonetheless, he has multiple publications to his name, including “Fresh for ’01… You Suckas!”, “Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel,” “Public Enemy #2: An All-New Boondocks Collection,” and the royalties from these books also contributes largely to his massive earning.

Quick Facts

Name Aaron Vincent McGruder
Age 48 years
Date of Birth 29th May 1947
Parents Bill McGruder and Elaine McGruder
Siblings 1
Education Oakland Mills High School, University of Maryland
Profession Writer, Producer, and Cartoonist
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $ 10 million

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